Bees & Honey Sales

822 Echo Ridge Road, Kearney, Ontario, P0A 1M0 (705) 571-7082


"Ferriers Maplebee Farm are excellent to deal with. Very knowledgeable about honeybees and they sell excellent stock. I have purchased their honeybee nucs in 2015 2016 and again for 2017. Always disease free and Scott is very helpful when there is questions."

~ Laura Beacom

"Scott is a tremendous beekeeper, with decades of knowledge and a beekeeping family history behind him. He's committed to his clients and makes heroic efforts to answer all questions, big or small. He's available and accessible and always willing to share his knowledge.
A huge asset to the local beekeeping community!
Outstanding Honey and Maple Syrup. "

~ Julie King

"I wanted to thank you all for being my one and only supplier of honey and maple syrup for the past several years. Your honey has a taste unlike any other I have ever had. You can literally taste the flowers in each and every bite. I use it for everything from a natural sweetener for many recipes as well as the perfect topping on toast, or in my morning tea. The only reason I go to the Dwight Farmers market is to make a purchase at your stand. What a welcome surprise to also use your maple syrup! Again - another amazing taste. With two such natural products that are so well made, I feel very lucky to be one of your customers and thank you for making your products available. I think I've already asked but you do take advanced orders don't you? I'm thinking I'll need at least 6 3k tubs of honey and 2-3 liters of maple syrup. Look forward to seeing you this summer! "

~ Anonymous